I provide personalized & detailed review of federal student loans via telephone and video conferencing to people anywhere in the United States.

Are you in Oregon or Western Washington?

I assist clients with private student loan review, issues, collections, and lawsuits.

Who should contact me?

If you identify with any of the following please contact me today to see how I can help:

There are several other scenarios I can assist with related to student loans, including school closing issues, final payoff negotiation/settlement, and review of questionable loan origination circumstances.  

How I will help.

I will give you a detailed review of your best available options and strategies to resolve any outstanding default, handle debt collectors, and get your student loan debt under control.

If your options are straightforward and you wish to pursue one of your options on your own, I will gladly provide you with forms, links and direction so you can complete the strategy we come up with on your own. 

Following your personalized review, you will also have the option of retaining me to assist and represent you in resolving your student loan matters. Either way, I am happy to inform and empower as many consumers regarding their rights and options as I am able.

How much does it cost?

Consultations are only $250 for a full review of your loans and budget information, up to an hour telephone consultation, and a written analysis of your loans and options. If you are a married couple where you both have student loans it is $500 (The analysis for a married couple is more than twice the work, so there is value there). 

If you retain me to assist you in enrolling in the best payment plan, getting out of default, stopping garnishments, or any other assistance, your consultation fee will be credited towards the cost of my professional assistance.

I will gladly refund your consultation fee if you do not feel better informed and empowered after our review of your situation and options.

Are you ready to become informed about your student loans and options? Contact Chris Mertens

Not sure about the cost?

Give me a call or submit your contact information and I will gladly chat with you for 10 minutes and explain the detail entailed in the consultation and what you can expect to get out of it.